About Us

    Born in United States and based in Hong Kong, Wagrapdhing brings together the essence of hip-hop culture and condenses it into high-quality jewelry pieces, impregnated with an urban style, and at affordable prices. We are designers, manufacturers, and distributors, so we offer an all-round service so that our customers can wear the most exclusive creations and exhibit their authentic identity to the world.

    We believe that there exist as many styles as there are people visiting our site (you among them!). That is why we consider the variety of our catalog one of our most remarkable advantages. Our collections offer a wide range of high-end hip-hop jewelry for man and woman. We work in a constant process of diversification of our product offer, designing innovative concepts, and continually adding the trendiest styles of the moment.

     We believe that everyone is unique and special in their own way, be brave to follow the voice from deep inside, challenge ourselves and be a better self. That’s the spirit of WAGRAPDHING, that will make you our champion, and your own champion!

WAGRAPDHING is not just a label, it’s an attitude.

Commercial name:
Business Address: 25 JACKSON ST, ANSONIA,CT, US 06401
Email: hetooslbwdm@outlook.com
Phone: +12019238562